T2 Transfer Review

T2 Transfer ReviewAbout T2 Transfer

T2 Transfer is a premium airport transfer company with a proven pedigree of transfers’ service in France. The company is dedicated to offering quality transfer services to and from Paris Airport. With that said, T2 Transfer provides exceptional pick and drop services to Charles de Gaulle Airport, Beauvais Airport, and Orly Airport. In addition to these services, the offers transfer services to Euro-Disney Land from the above airports as well as from Paris Airport.

Furthermore, the company has an excellent range of fleet of vehicles that include simple to luxury cars and cabs. All the drivers are professionally trained drivers with the ability to speak English fluently. What’s more, the support team at T2 Transfer is dynamic in dealing customer queries and the team operates for 24-hour a day and 365-day a year. The pricing of the company is economical, meaning that everyone can enjoy a smooth ride at an affordable cost. All in all, T2 Transfer is a top-class airport transfer company that ensures quality service through utmost customer satisfaction.

Quick Details about T2 Transfer

  • T2 Transfer offers premium transfer service to Euro Disney Land from Charles de Gaulle Airport, Beauvais Airport, Orly Airport, and Paris Airport.
  • They offer both domestic and European travel solutions to the travellers.
  • If any flight schedule is delayed, the company will make an adjustment to their services.
  • All the fleet of vehicles is modern-day vehicles with world-class facilities.
  • The drivers are knowledgeable and professional in delivering services.
  • The pricing of the company is economical and cost-effective.
  • The support team is self-motivated and operates 24-hour a day and 365-day a year.

Contact Information of T2 Transfer

Address: 6 Rue Marius Jacotot, 92800 Puteaux, France

Website: http://www.t2transfer.com/

Phone: +33 638 681 272

Email: booking@t2transfer.com

What others are saying about T2 Transfer?

T2 Transfer has received positive reviews from its customers in abundance. Almost all the customers agree on one front that the company is dedicated ensure customers satisfaction through excellent and quality services. Among all the positive customer reviews, one customer was like this – “A phenomenal travel experience and I will recommend T2 transfer profoundly. Pleasant, clean, and carefully looked after cars. The driver drove securely and easily. The driver was the same for our return travel trip and he was exceptionally gracious, cordial and enlightening while in transit to our lodging”.

Positives of T2 Transfer

  • You can easily travel to Euro-Disney Land from four different airports (Charles de Gaulle Airport, Beauvais Airport, Orly Airport, and Paris Airport).
  • It doesn’t matter if you are travelling to domestic or European destinations because the company covers all the locations in France and Europe.
  • T2 Transfer monitors the entire flight schedule exclusively.
  • If you miss the flight or it is delayed, don’t worry! The company will make an adjustment to their services and ultimately, you won’t be left stranded on the airport.
  • All the cars are neat and clean. They will offer excellent travel experience with comfortable seats.
  • The drivers are professional enough to deliver high-quality services to the clients. So, you will for sure get the best possible travel experience.
  • The support is capable of handling all the customers’ queries efficiently and they remain active for 24 hours.
  • You can book the services of the company through online reservation. Also, you can easily pay for the services through the online payment system.
  • All the prices are economical; therefore, you can definitely save money while booking the services of T2 Transfer.

How to spend seven days in Paris

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Paris is a wonderful city that always remains in the center of attraction among millions of tourists. Being the major attraction in Europe, Paris remains one of the most visited cities in the world. With that said, it has countless attractions and it offers exciting sightseeing opportunities to the visiting people. That is why when someone intends to visit Paris, he or she must take a proper and measured approach to discover the true beauty of Paris. So, let’s move forward and get to know how you will spend seven days in Paris.

How to spend seven days in Paris

1) Day One: After arriving in Paris, you should take a rest in your hotel room and make preparation to explore the city. When you have recharged your batteries after a long or short journey, you should take your first steps while going outside of your hotel to have a nice breakfast or lunch in one of the nearest restaurants. For example – If you are staying at the first arrondissement, you can stroll around the Rue Saint-Honoré. Also, you can pass some time at the Ladurée by eating some snacks.

2) Day Two: In the second day, you will start your day with a walk in Champs-Élysées. But before going out for a walk, you will take breakfast at the Ladurée as they offer excellent food options. After finishing your walk, you can go for shopping in the Champs-Élysées area. If you love your skin, you can pay a visit to Biologique Recherche, a fine skincare company. In the night time, you will try have a quality dinner with your family or friend at the exceptional Verjus. They will provide you with some exciting meal options.

3) Day Three: Your third will start by having breakfast at Lemoine and Gateaux Thoumieux. It will add spice to your stay since you will get to eat some delicious foods. In the afternoon, you can have some pastries at Patisserie des Reves to spend your day in a different way. After that, a walk to the Le Bon Marché would be good since you will be able to collect some food from the supermarket for your homemade dinner. When your shopping is finished, take a deep breath and have an afternoon tea at the Shangri-La Paris. Now, in the evening, stay at your hotel room or in the rented apartment and make your homemade dinner to have a different experience. A cool spread of cheese with bread and charcuterie will make your dinner outstanding.

4) Day Four: In this day, you will discover something unique in the form of Musée d’Orsay. So, take a guided tour to Musée d’Orsay, but be aware of the pickpocketers. While on tour, you will have to take a break at NINA’S Paris and enjoy some cake with a fine cup of tea. Since you are around the left bank of the River Seine, you should check out the best croissant. To do so, you will order the mille-feuille from Jacques Genin, which is across the street. Finally, you will cap off your day while having dinner at Chez L’Ami Jean, an amazing restaurant in Paris.

5) Day Five: This is your fifth day in Paris and you will discover quite a few things today. In the morning, you can stay at your hotel room to keep yourself fresh for today’s journey. So, you will start your day while having a lunch at Mariage Frères. Afterwards, you will visit the Musée du Luxembourg and get to see the art collections of this excellent museum. Also, you can try the near surrounding gardens of this museum with a leisurely walk. In addition to this, you will go for dinner at Place des Vosges or Rue des Rosiers. In the end, you will enjoy the Trocadéro scene with a twilight ride up the Eiffel Tower.

6) Day Six: The sixth day of your Paris trip will begin from taking an imitator escape to Giverny or Auvers-sur-Oise. Also, you can spend your day while visiting the historic Reims, Chartres, or Vaux-le-Vicomte. In the afternoon, you will then have your lunch at left bank area and pass a leisurely time in the Luxembourg Garden or at a close café. When the curtain of the day goes down, you will prepare to join the parade along the Champs-Elysées because it will allow you the opportunity to hike to the top of Arc de Triomphe.

7) Day Seven: This is the last day when you will recap your overall stay in Paris. It will be better if you taste the decadent chocolate tartine along with the sparkling rose lemonade for lunch at the Merci. Also, you can have a quick tour Montmartre and Sacré-Coeur. With that said, you should have a crack at the Disneyland Paris as well. Finally, when you are finished with all of them, do some shopping to take one or two souvenirs of Paris trip.

To finish off, I would say that this itinerary plan might differ since we all have a different perspective on how to enjoy a travel trip. As for a Paris trip, it will definitely vary as there are tons of things to see and do in Paris. However, if you follow this seven-day trip itinerary, you will not be disappointed since it consists of the best places and restaurants in Paris. So, enjoy your seven-day trip In Paris and make your life a perfect one!

Top South-American Travel Places to Visit in 2015

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South America consists of some of the most glittering countries in world where people find themselves into a hub of beauty and natural attractions. This part of the world is filled with world-class museums in Buenos Aires to the primeval archaeology of Cusco. It is a versatile region with an array of activities that beckons tourists from across the globe. So, let’ move forward and find out the best South-American travel places to visit in 2015.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

top south america travel destinations

Rio in Brazil is a seaside place with a large area and iconic attractions such as Christ the Redeemer statue, Ipanema Beach, Sugarloaf Mountain, Copacabana Beach, Favelas and the iconic Carnival festival are all on board to entertain the people of all ages. It is such a place where everything is colourful and every minute of your trip would be vibrant, and chaotic. But, all the things are extraordinary and will make you crazy enough to say – I am at the best place in the world! Your visit to South America would be incomplete and to suffice your trip, you have to experience all of its attractions.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

south america

Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina and the most European among Latin American capitals. It is an elegant city with great architecture and broad avenues. But, the most amazing thing of this city is the world’s sexiest dance – ‘Tango.’ Also, the city is a seductive place with great food is on board to make you feel Yummy! The cultural attractions, a multitude of shops and cafés have put together an exciting proposition for the tourists. This is why this city is called the ‘Paris of the South’ and you cannot but love the wide boulevards of this city. So go for all to consume your energy to discover the European city of South America.

Cusco, Peru

travel destinations

Cusco is located in the Peruvian Andes and it’s a charming city. This city is also the gateway to the iconic Machu Picchu. This city has different names such as – Cusco, Cuzco, or Q’osco, but it’s the same gateway for Machu Picchu – the world’s most breathtaking sites. Machu Picchu was the Incan city, which was regarded as a sacred valley and it is most impressive pre-Columbian remnants in the world as well. I would suggest you to plan in advance for being able to see other sightseeing attractions – such as Plaza de Armas in the city. Also, you can make a list of the Incan remnants as well as colonial architecture like – temples, baroque, fortresses, Renaissance churches and mansions. So, enjoy while staying in Cusco because it remains one of the highlights of South America.

Quito, Ecuador


Quito is a World Heritage Site, which frequently neglected by the tourists. But, it is a top city among the South-American region. It is surrounded by the Andres Mountain and it is considered the world highest capital city. A unique fact about his city is that it is located at the center of planet Earth by the equator. Also, Quito is the best conserved historic city in Latin America. The streets are narrow and look like a labyrinth. They are also made of ornate churches and monasteries. Aside from the colonial abundance, this city is offering new sightseeing attractions like modern art museums and TelefériQo, which is one of the uppermost aerial lifts in the world for an overwhelming perspective of the city.

Cartagena, Colombia


Cartagena in Colombia is situated on the Caribbean coast of Columbia. The city is home to the 16th Century plazas and it’s the best place for a time warp. The buildings are colourful with a beach attitude of life. The crowds are not foreign and the locals are enthusiastic enough to help you. This city is the best beachside place to visit in South America with a tropical climate. So, you can visit this city anytime.

Finally, here are my top South-American travel places to visit in 2015. Each of the places is different in terms climate, weather, and culture. So, make sure that you have included all of them in your bucket list.

Best Street Markets in Paris

Best Street Markets in Paris

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Paris is one of the most famous cities in Europe and it is renowned for its famed monuments and sightseeing attractions. Nevertheless, it is a city that also lots of markets for all kinds of people and each of the neighborhoods in Paris has distinct types of markets as well. You will observe that there are diverse types of food markets, flea markets (The biggest in the World), antique markets, boutique markets etc. To add to this list, there are also markets in which all sorts of products are sold. So, let’s have a peek at the Best Street Markets in Paris.

Best Street Markets in Paris

The Richard Lenoir Market: As I spoke early that each of the neighborhoods has distinct types of market and among them the most coveted street market in whole Paris is ‘Marche Richard Lenoir’ or simply ‘Sunday Market’. It is situated at the Boulevard Richard Lenoir and here, you will see that hundreds of food stalls are put together to form a flying market. Also, the market starts from the illustrious monument at the Place de la Bastille where two elongated alleyways of alluring French foodie products extends the whole market for approximately one kilometer. Additionally, you will observe the street entertainers and musicians who are dancing and singing to impress the visiting people. On top of that, the stalls include in this market are the enticing wine cellar, Eduard Mace, which is an extraordinary classic food stall, Jacky Lorenzo, the most popular fishmonger, etc. lastly, this market is open on Sunday and Thursday mornings and the address is Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, 75011.

The Rue Mouffetard Market: The Rue Mouffetard Market is one of the oldest street markets of Paris. This market has an ancient history that roots back to the pre-Christian times and also, this market is always crowded with people. It is situated at the Southern end of Paris and it is a permanent street market that boasts some of the best fruit, vegetable, fish, and meat vendors in whole Paris. There are other special stalls with exclusive items such as fromageries and they are grouped on the Square Saint-Médard and Rue Mouffetard. Nevertheless, there are some areas, for example – the northern end, which is near to La Place Contrescarpe, where below average restaurants and cafes will charge exorbitant monies for mediocre foods. In stark contrast, the traditional open-air market in this area is still a joy to stroll.

The Rue Daguerre Market: This market resides in the South of Paris and it is within close vicinity of Montparnasse, Rue Daguerre. The Rue Daguerre Market is a street market where only pedestrian people can reach, but it is an extremely enjoyable market for shopping, wandering, and tasting. The main attraction of this market is the fromageries (cheese shops) and you can actually go there to buy excellent pieces of nutty comté or a high-quality oozing ‘Camembert au lait cru’ for a bargain price. Also, the market comprises of fresh fish along with meat and there are exceptional products such as honey, jams and confits as well. To add to these items, there is an Italian traiteur, known as O Sole Mia and it sells unsullied pasta alongside other food items. Lastly, there is also a bakery, which is one of the best in Paris.

Best Street Markets in Paris

The Biologique Raspail Market: The Biologique Raspail Market is a rendezvous for many locals and tourists alike for eating the great bourgeois life and you have to head to the glamorous Rive Gauche to get your hands on a piece of this excellent food items. Generally, the market is situated on the Boulevard Raspail and a number of people just come to this market for extensive shopping. The prices of the products are expensive but may vary depending on the customer’s choice. The shops of this unique market are diversified as you will find an American baker (Selling English muffins) as well as a bio vigneron (Selling wines with different names such as Chateau Coccinelle, gloves, Ladybird Castle, hand-knitted scarves, and homeopathic health remedies. Lastly, the market is open for all on Sunday morning.

The Saint-Pierre Market: The Saint-Pierre Market was formed more than 60 years before and it is a heaven for people who are fascinated with textiles products. Usually, this market has a blend of extraordinary products to ordinary things. The reason for this is that you will see a designer seeking inspiration and at the same time, you will observe that house owners are looking for fresh curtains. Surprisingly, you will see a bride selecting fabrics for making her wedding clothes and you will even see a whole family who is shopping essential materials for household needs. Now, the most accomplished store of this market is the Dreyfus, which has five different floors. Strangely, this store claim itself the Marché Saint-Pierre. Nevertheless, there are a lot of shops or bazaars, for example – Reine and the Moline. Here, an assortment of clothes such as velvets, silk, cotton, and linen are sold to the visiting customers. The market is open for six days a week and closed on Sunday.

To conclude, I would say that Paris is a top destination for not only extraordinary sightseeing opportunities, but also for street markets. There are indomitable kinds of street markets that will surely catch the minds of the tourists and locals. So, before going to explore the street markets of Paris, you can do some research on them. It will help you to find the best market and thus, It will help you for effective shopping in Paris.

Top 10 Travel Guide Book to Paris

travel guide book to paris

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If you are traveling to Paris, then you must be interested to read some guide books of Paris. However, you would find loads of guide books on the internet that are not worth of reading. The fact is that there are few books that contain essential information about the city and its surroundings. Consequently, I have listed the top 10 travel guide book of Paris that will convey the insider information’s of Paris and thus, they will assist you while traveling as well.

DK Eyewitness Paris Travel Guide: This book is an all-in-one travel guide that encompasses wide range travel information’s of Paris. This book will take you to the top tourist’s attractions such as the Louvre and other museums of Paris or the Eiffel Tower. Plus, it will reveal the all necessary information’s of every part of the city as well. Apart from these information’s, you will get cutaway designs of major architectural as well as historic sites, museum floor plans, and 3-D aerial views of key districts to explore on foot alongside in-depth coverage of the city’s history and culture.

Also, this book comprises the following things:

  • A Pull-Out City Map (marked with sights from the guidebook)
  • A Street index and A Paris Metro map
  • A Chart (indicating the walking distances between major sights)
  • Themed Itineraries (for planning the trips by the length of stay)
  • Neighborhood Walking Maps
  • Hotel and Restaurant listings

So, this travel guide book will act as a trusted guide and no book has the ability to match the standards of DK Eyewitness Paris Travel Guide.

Rick Steves Paris Travel Guidebook: This guide book of Paris is a classic travel guide for the people who are visiting Paris for the first time. The writer has emphasized by putting the small details of Paris so that the travelers can benefit from the insider information’s. All the major attractions of Paris are shown by a step-by-step process and the newbie’s will get sufficient knowledge of the basics of Paris. Plus, this guide book has summarized the entire information of Paris and you will exactly know them in an easy-to-read format. Lastly, the information on hours as well as locations is precise and updated yearly. So, after reading this guidebook, you will obtain the practical details along with the walking tour information of the major Paris attractions.

The Paris Mapguide: Paris is a city where you will find lots of small streets as well as roads and you can get lost if you don’t know the exact way out. This guide book of Paris is intended for people who want to walk through the streets of Paris. This book has covered all the nooks and crannies of Paris with brilliantly colored images and graphics of illustrious landmarks as well as famous shops (e.g., Monoprix and English language bookstores). Additionally, the metro along with the bus parks are clearly marked and the tourists will be able to explore the Paris with confidence.

Pudlo Paris: Paris is regarded as the ‘Foodie Heaven’ as this city has many great restaurants, which ranges from glamorous restaurants to hole-in-the-wall cafes. Now, to navigate the tourists to these restaurants Gilles Pudlowski (Pudlo) has written a restaurant review book ‘Pudlo Paris’ and this book has been hailed the Bible of restaurants review for the last 17 years. This book of Pudlo contains reviews of almost 1,000 restaurants as well as 300 bars or cafes. Plus, it includes a list of desired specialty stores (chocolate shops, bakeries, tea rooms, etc.). The book is updated every year and you will find the specialties of each restaurant along with chief’s background. This book is certainly one hell of a book for food lovers.

Time out Paris: Time Out Paris is updated every year with major rewrites and this book is well-suited to travelers who visit Paris frequently. Besides, it has addressed the city of Paris as a vibrant, changing, and contemporary city. What’s more, you can find mini-essays that feature new trends in food, art and fashion news, and changes in political leadership, as well as climate. With all of these, there is accurate information on every major hotels and restaurant as well. So, you should read this book to keep up the pace with the ever changing city of Paris.

Clotilde’s Edible Adventures in Paris: Another guide book for food lovers and this book is more than just a restaurant guide. Many essential food associated items (top open air markets, most excellent places to picnic, lists of specialty stores, and history of French cuisine and restaurant etiquette) are discussed in the book, which are always skipped by other guide books. Plus, it has highlighted the ethnic restaurants of Paris with glowing effects. Lastly, the writing style of the book is reader-friendly and the pictures are engaging making the book a must-read one for the tourists.

Romantic Paris: For lovers and couples, Paris stands as the ideal destination because it has many romantic places with many secret lover’s corner, parks, restaurants, and hotels. All of the things can make fairytale romantic stat in Paris for the lovers. Thirza Vallois has written about Paris for 40 years and her book Romantic Paris is a masterpiece. The writing of the book is elegant and the images are quite fascinating. A quote from the book will sum up the significance of the book: ‘We come to Paris as to a stage on which to enact an episode of our love life, but before we know it we get caught under her spell and find out, to our astonishment, that it is Paris herself that has got under our skin, the one love story that has no rival and that even time will never erode.’ Lastly, there are other chapters in the book that will describe the Romantic Nights, Cozy Museums, and Shopping for the Heart and Senses.

Chic Shopping Paris: The author of this guidebook is Rebecca Magniant and this book is a perfect match for the shopaholics as it contains information’s of 80 exclusive online shops. These shops include items from housewares, decor, jewelry, clothing and shoes. All of these items are designed and made in France. So, if you are a shopping freak and you want to bring a souvenir from Paris, then this book will definitely entertain you.

Fodor’s Around Paris with Kids: 68 Great Things to Do Together: People not only travel with their peers but also with their kids and if you want a guide book that will reveal all the information’s kid-friendly attractions as things to do, then this book of Fodor’s will certainly come handy. The book has explained each destination along with attraction by a straightforward description, age range, kid-friendly details, two to three kid-friendly restaurants to eat, nearby playgrounds, and best days to visit. So, if you read this guide book, then you can surely have a blast with your kids.

Frommer’s Paris from $95 a Day: This guide book is a bit different than the other books as it contains information’s of the cheaper things that you can do in Paris. Precisely saying, if you are on a tight budget, then this book is a must have book. You will learn about the places, restaurants, attractions, etc. that are quite inexpensive than the usual Paris stuffs. So, you can definitely enjoy Paris on a tight budget if you read the Frommer’s Paris from $95 a Day.

To conclude, I would only say that these guidebooks will help you to explore the Paris in a better way. Plus, you can make your travel trip a memorable one by following the insights of these guide books. So, be sure to read the specific guide books before traveling to Paris and enjoy a memorable time.