Top 10 Travel Guide Book to Paris

travel guide book to paris

If you are traveling to Paris, then you must be interested to read some guide books of Paris. However, you would find loads of guide books on the internet that are not worth of reading. The fact is that there are few books that contain essential information about the city and its surroundings. Consequently, I have listed the top 10 travel guide book of Paris that will convey the insider information’s of Paris and thus, they will assist you while traveling as well.

DK Eyewitness Paris Travel Guide: This book is an all-in-one travel guide that encompasses wide range travel information’s of Paris. This book will take you to the top tourist’s attractions such as the Louvre and other museums of Paris or the Eiffel Tower. Plus, it will reveal the all necessary information’s of every part of the city as well. Apart from these information’s, you will get cutaway designs of major architectural as well as historic sites, museum floor plans, and 3-D aerial views of key districts to explore on foot alongside in-depth coverage of the city’s history and culture.

Also, this book comprises the following things:

  • A Pull-Out City Map (marked with sights from the guidebook)
  • A Street index and A Paris Metro map
  • A Chart (indicating the walking distances between major sights)
  • Themed Itineraries (for planning the trips by the length of stay)
  • Neighborhood Walking Maps
  • Hotel and Restaurant listings

So, this travel guide book will act as a trusted guide and no book has the ability to match the standards of DK Eyewitness Paris Travel Guide.

Rick Steves Paris Travel Guidebook: This guide book of Paris is a classic travel guide for the people who are visiting Paris for the first time. The writer has emphasized by putting the small details of Paris so that the travelers can benefit from the insider information’s. All the major attractions of Paris are shown by a step-by-step process and the newbie’s will get sufficient knowledge of the basics of Paris. Plus, this guide book has summarized the entire information of Paris and you will exactly know them in an easy-to-read format. Lastly, the information on hours as well as locations is precise and updated yearly. So, after reading this guidebook, you will obtain the practical details along with the walking tour information of the major Paris attractions.

The Paris Mapguide: Paris is a city where you will find lots of small streets as well as roads and you can get lost if you don’t know the exact way out. This guide book of Paris is intended for people who want to walk through the streets of Paris. This book has covered all the nooks and crannies of Paris with brilliantly colored images and graphics of illustrious landmarks as well as famous shops (e.g., Monoprix and English language bookstores). Additionally, the metro along with the bus parks are clearly marked and the tourists will be able to explore the Paris with confidence.

Pudlo Paris: Paris is regarded as the ‘Foodie Heaven’ as this city has many great restaurants, which ranges from glamorous restaurants to hole-in-the-wall cafes. Now, to navigate the tourists to these restaurants Gilles Pudlowski (Pudlo) has written a restaurant review book ‘Pudlo Paris’ and this book has been hailed the Bible of restaurants review for the last 17 years. This book of Pudlo contains reviews of almost 1,000 restaurants as well as 300 bars or cafes. Plus, it includes a list of desired specialty stores (chocolate shops, bakeries, tea rooms, etc.). The book is updated every year and you will find the specialties of each restaurant along with chief’s background. This book is certainly one hell of a book for food lovers.

Time out Paris: Time Out Paris is updated every year with major rewrites and this book is well-suited to travelers who visit Paris frequently. Besides, it has addressed the city of Paris as a vibrant, changing, and contemporary city. What’s more, you can find mini-essays that feature new trends in food, art and fashion news, and changes in political leadership, as well as climate. With all of these, there is accurate information on every major hotels and restaurant as well. So, you should read this book to keep up the pace with the ever changing city of Paris.

Clotilde’s Edible Adventures in Paris: Another guide book for food lovers and this book is more than just a restaurant guide. Many essential food associated items (top open air markets, most excellent places to picnic, lists of specialty stores, and history of French cuisine and restaurant etiquette) are discussed in the book, which are always skipped by other guide books. Plus, it has highlighted the ethnic restaurants of Paris with glowing effects. Lastly, the writing style of the book is reader-friendly and the pictures are engaging making the book a must-read one for the tourists.

Romantic Paris: For lovers and couples, Paris stands as the ideal destination because it has many romantic places with many secret lover’s corner, parks, restaurants, and hotels. All of the things can make fairytale romantic stat in Paris for the lovers. Thirza Vallois has written about Paris for 40 years and her book Romantic Paris is a masterpiece. The writing of the book is elegant and the images are quite fascinating. A quote from the book will sum up the significance of the book: ‘We come to Paris as to a stage on which to enact an episode of our love life, but before we know it we get caught under her spell and find out, to our astonishment, that it is Paris herself that has got under our skin, the one love story that has no rival and that even time will never erode.’ Lastly, there are other chapters in the book that will describe the Romantic Nights, Cozy Museums, and Shopping for the Heart and Senses.

Chic Shopping Paris: The author of this guidebook is Rebecca Magniant and this book is a perfect match for the shopaholics as it contains information’s of 80 exclusive online shops. These shops include items from housewares, decor, jewelry, clothing and shoes. All of these items are designed and made in France. So, if you are a shopping freak and you want to bring a souvenir from Paris, then this book will definitely entertain you.

Fodor’s Around Paris with Kids: 68 Great Things to Do Together: People not only travel with their peers but also with their kids and if you want a guide book that will reveal all the information’s kid-friendly attractions as things to do, then this book of Fodor’s will certainly come handy. The book has explained each destination along with attraction by a straightforward description, age range, kid-friendly details, two to three kid-friendly restaurants to eat, nearby playgrounds, and best days to visit. So, if you read this guide book, then you can surely have a blast with your kids.

Frommer’s Paris from $95 a Day: This guide book is a bit different than the other books as it contains information’s of the cheaper things that you can do in Paris. Precisely saying, if you are on a tight budget, then this book is a must have book. You will learn about the places, restaurants, attractions, etc. that are quite inexpensive than the usual Paris stuffs. So, you can definitely enjoy Paris on a tight budget if you read the Frommer’s Paris from $95 a Day.

To conclude, I would only say that these guidebooks will help you to explore the Paris in a better way. Plus, you can make your travel trip a memorable one by following the insights of these guide books. So, be sure to read the specific guide books before traveling to Paris and enjoy a memorable time. Finally a big thanks to who are a best Paris airport transfers company for providing content details to this article.